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    I have to upgrade 6 PC's, which currently run XP Home, to XP Pro. I have to try and save some time & money somewhere. Is there any way I can easily use an OEM version of XP Pro to upgrade Home edition as opposed to a full reinstall?



    Further to above, I hope I wasn't misleading anyone, and implying that I was only prepared to buy one copy of XP. I will be buying 6 copies, just wanting to know if there is anyway of avoiding a format of XP Home and reinstall of XP Pro on all 6 machines. All 6 machines currently have OEM XP Home, I am confused as to which route to go down with regard to XP Pro - the official upgrade (muchos $), a completely fresh install of the full version of XP Pro (Slightly cheaper, but time consuming), or full install of XP Pro OEM (as before).

    Many Thanks


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    Well a full reinstall of the OS for each machine is the best way to go.


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      Daniel has collated the upgrade paths for XP.
      This is worth noting from Microsoft.
      Microsoft does not support upgrading Windows XP Home Edition with Service Pack 1 (SP1) to Windows XP Professional without SP1.
      If your XP Home has SP 1, then it might be an idea to Slipstream Service Pack 1 onto the XP Pro CD before proceeding.

      Has XP Home got Service Pack 1 or Service Pack 1a. This could cause a problem with JAVA if you try installing XP Pro SP1a over XP Home SP1.

      XP Home can be upgraded with XP Pro.
      Slipstream a SP onto XP Pro CD if it is required.
      Make sure your SP are the same to minimise possible problems.
      Ensure you have backups in case of a visit from the screw-up fairy.
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