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Win Explorer keeps shutting down

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  • Win Explorer keeps shutting down

    not always but 5 in 10 times when I search in win explorer, it shuts down with the message "win explorer needs to shut down. Tried to run the win cleaning tool without finding malware. Have run SpyBot, which did find some stuff and cleaned it out, but still keeps shutting down. Have reset my "Themes" back to windows classic few, as suggested by microsoft, still shuts down.
    i am using Mozilla Firefox as my browser but Internet Explorer keeps on popping up with unwanted ads, mainly sex sites. Have tried to disable in msconfig, but as soon as I disable it , a new explorer service opens immediately. Have even tried to remove it by un-ticking in Windows components, no success!!

    I realize these are 2 issues, but maybe connected.
    Any ideas anybody? Thank you
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    Re: Win Explorer keeps shutting down

    Sounds like you've been infected by some really bad spyware.

    Have you downloaded and installed AdAware??

    I use a combination of them both and haven't had any major cases in my life.

    Might also be worthwhile doing a virus scan.


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      Re: Win Explorer keeps shutting down

      create a bootable WinPE CD with anti-malware software installed. Reboot the computer to the CD and use the antimalware tools to clean it. spyware can be extremely difficult to clean while the computer is running. The bootable CD will load into memory, the CD can't be infected, and the hard drive will be in a stopped, static state for you to scan and clean.