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Disjoined computer from network without creating user

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  • Disjoined computer from network without creating user

    We recently bought two new computers at work and one of the old computers my boss is giving away to a friend and asked me to 'clean it up.' I was going to do a reformat, but we don't have the OS disks that came with the computer. So instead I removed all the licensed programs, disjoined it from the network, erased any unused hard drive space, and then rebooted. Of course the log-on screen appeared and I realized how stupid I was. It won't accept my admin password because it is not part of that domain anymore. I have no idea what the admin password is (tried leaving it blank and other passwords) . I've recovered the encrypted password and tried decrypting using Ophcrack and Login Recovery with no luck. It must have special characters in it. Guest has no password, but is disabled. I have three questions: Is the recovered admin password the one I need to log on to the machine or did I really mess things up by not creating a user in the new workgroup? Is there a free program available to decrypt the passwords? And what's the worst case scenario if I use a program that changes the admin password and how hard is that to do?

    FWIW, everything I have learned about computers is either from forums, watching our IT consultants, or trial and error. I'm quite the novice.

    Thanks for any help.

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    Re: Disjoined computer from network without creating user

    Nevermind! I used a program that reset the password to blank and it worked great. Sorry for what turned out to be an unecessary post.