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Win98 User Validation Issues Win2k Domain

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  • Win98 User Validation Issues Win2k Domain

    I have a single DC site running behind an ISA firewall. All local win98 users can logon with no issues. Remote sites are getting the message "The network cannot validate your username" when they try to logon to the domain. These users are on a subnet in a different geographic location. All users were previously part of a parent company and part of a workgroup within a domain - at least I believe this is the case (they're divesting). We have no information about what's installed on the systems. Also, the systems can log on with windows logon and see the network. We just can't get them on to the domain. I have heard the directory client may help but it's unclear to me why the same issue would not occur with the local systems. Can anyone suggest what might be going on here and how to correct it? This is driving us crazy and we have to get past this step to complete the network separation.

    Thanks very much for all help.