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    Ok I have a previous post with my NTDLR Missing problem but I decided to post

    another one with a few questions. First where can I find boot.ini nldr

    Second since I dont have a Floppy drive if I buy an external USB one will that work to

    transfer those boot files and then put them on the bad computer that wont start up?

    And lastly how in the heck do I put them on and when I plug it into the other comp

    and I set my priorities to start with that external drive (if I even can) will it

    automatically start or do I have to do something?

    Any help will be greatly appreciated thanks guys!


    P.S Also Just for reference if you didn't read my post in misc about NTDLR missing Error I am running Windows XP Home Edition and sorry this is in the XP Pro section I am sure you guys can still help me out though.
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