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Windows XP Sp2, Windows 2003 Server - Slow Logon

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  • Windows XP Sp2, Windows 2003 Server - Slow Logon


    i was called to a network last week running xp on 280 (p3 700 > P4 2. machines and 1, 2003 (2 x 2.8 Xeon) DC. What they were experiencing was slow logon.. xp would authenticate fine, but as it went through 'applying personal settings' or maybe a little further on towards login scripts it would slow down to a crawl.

    When going back to the server, we would get things like, explorer would crash on the server, there seemed to be minimal network traffic.. the xp machines just sat there waiting.......? a few odd machines would contect and load, but i am sure these are local profiles, not roaming.

    I have had a look at DNS and everything seems to be in order.. internet access from server and clients works fine.

    Things tried -

    1. Isolated to 1 switch, still fails
    2. Browser elections happening alot, i put that down to netlogon, server service failures
    3. onboard Intel 1000 mt nic, intel pro 100 (disabled) tried brand new 3com nic.. still fails
    4. Disabled all xp non ms processes, still fails

    A trust has existed between 1 2003 DC and 1 2000 DC in the past.. this has been broken, but could there be any residual routing going on?

    I have seen alot of SRV, MRXSMB events.. In the past also w32time events.. but these seemed to have calmed down since i added net time commands in the scripts and points 2003 to an authorative time server.

    > I was wondering how i could query xp to find out what it was actually doing at that logon process and what things it was finding, not finding..

    Any thoughts of any kind would be fantastic.. we are at a complete loss at the moment..


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    i still think about dns.
    server look to his own dns, clients look to the servers dns and the dns service uses forwarders to internet dns?
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      see, my thoughts were this and of course i could be wrong.. but if dns is the issue.. wouldnt my clients not see the server or internet.. or both? Anyway this is how it looks -

      DHCP gives out to client > DC IP as dns address

      DC Network Card TCPIP, prefered > Itself

      DC DNS forwarders > ISP 2 DNS Servers

      XP Authenticates but slows at around processing user settings.. Taken out test user from all GP OU's no group pol except domain default.. still probs

      Anti Virus Disabled


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        Check to see if the DNS is creating the correct A Record.
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          Re: Windows XP Sp2, Windows 2003 Server - Slow Logon

          Could it be that you have installed vmware on your windows xp client?


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            Re: Windows XP Sp2, Windows 2003 Server - Slow Logon

            What DNS server do your clients point to???

            280 clients on 1 server is that correct??

            What time do all these clients logon??


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              Re: Windows XP Sp2, Windows 2003 Server - Slow Logon

              Do you have WINS configured on the server? It can't hurt anything to try. I have solved this exact same problem many times by adding WINS to the server and configuring it on the NIC's.

              Another possible cause could be a Windows update that updated the NIC driver. Sometimes those MS drivers hose up the OEM ones. Try searching the NIC manufacturers website for their specific driver.