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Virus has stopped me accessing WinXP

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  • Virus has stopped me accessing WinXP

    Hi everybody,
    My Pc was working fine when Norton anti-virus found W32.Funner. I followed the removal instructions - to the letter and now when I try to log on it asks me for a password which I have never put on. I tried going to SAFE mode to get in via the ADMINISTRATOR account. That now asks for a password. I do not know what to do. I can access the Recovery Console however, but once there do not know what to do to help. I copied the SAM file to a floppy and analysed it on my laptop using a password-cracking tool. That said that there were no passwords. I tested the software by creating passwords for the administator and my personal account. It found both correctly. I have read on the net that passwords are also held in the SYSTEM file, but that is too large to copy to a floppy so I can check. I think there must be corruption somewhere because I never set any passwords. What can I do as I have a lot of important data on the PC and also I have, for the moment, mislaid the recovery CD that came with the PC (It is a Packard Bell)? I have tried the Allonline Password Reset boot floppy to reset the passwords, but it always reports an error when trying to write back to the SYSTEM file. Can anyone help me as the data is part of my University course and I need it asap. Also I find it hard to believe that too much is wrong as the PC seemed fine until Norton detected the virus. I wish I had never followed their removal advice as now I cannot get into XP and access my work.

    Thank you in advance,

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    Sounds like you are in a pickle! The best thing to do in my opinion would be to take your hard drive out, pop into a friends PC (with an upto date virus checker) and pull all your required data. Then when your recovery CD turns up, format the PC and restore the OS from the CD.

    Hope that helps.
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