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    Does anyone have a simple way to reduce the size of a User Profile? My user profile is a local profile and is 321 MB.

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    Re: User Profile

    This should shed some light as to the contents and why it is so big.
    My current profile is about 270mb. I've seen profiles in the gb's so I wouldn't worry too much about 300mb.

    I forgot to add the dang url I was referencing.
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    Jake G

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      Re: User Profile

      Originally posted by DanielP
      The user profile is not made of the installed programs, only (and maybe) their data. For example, if you use Outlook 2003 or not has little or no effect on the profile size, however if you use Outlook 2003 in Cached mode and your MBX is 2GB in size, you will have an OST file with the same size in your local profile.

      Look for things like the Temp folder, IE history, IE temp files (reduce it to 10MB, no need to have 10% of the drive!) and other applications such as Google Desktop or MSN Search.
      after UTFSE, i found this from a post by DanielP that has to do with that exact topic.
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        Re: User Profile

        I have read these before and tried everything. Still no luck.


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          Re: User Profile

          What do you mean by
          Still no luck
          You're not able to reduce it, or you don't know why is that big?
          If it's the latter, I suggest you use Disktective to run a check and see where's the space going...

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            Re: User Profile

            Not sure if you saw my edit, I forgot to post a url.


            As James lovingly shows us in Daniel's post, and the related URL I've posted, the profile is made up specific folders. There's not much that can be done about it's size. A profile of 321mb does not seem large to me.

            Try a utility like ccleaner to clean your temporary internet files and plain 'ol temp files. You'll want to carefully scavange your profile's folder for files you can delete. Most of which you will NOT want to though!
            Jake G

            Former Microsoft MVP - IIS ('02-'06)


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              Re: User Profile

              Have a look at treesize to determine the largest folders within you're userprofile.
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