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  • local network

    Hello : In place that they have a local network of 7 machines , that LAN is
    peer-peer no servers just all machines connected through switch and router.
    They asked me to block two computers from being able to access other

    computers and not to see the shares , for each PC Itried to do that from gpedite computer config.\windows settings\security settings\local policies\user rights \deny access to this computer from the network. in order to choose the requierd PCs from the LAN and to add them to denied computers and so to block the access for them , but when I do so I recieve a messege which says " Impossible to register accourding to the data or "settings ,it was written in french " of the local policies.
    when I Restart the PC, nothing changed

    How I can solve this problem plz?!! and block those two PC in LAN from being able to access other PCs from User rights in GPEDITE.

    P.S: Just they wanted to be done in that way!!!!

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    i can think of an easier way (with sideeffects)
    you can cancel file and print sharing for these computers and that will solve you the problem.

    about that messege, i don't realy understand it (put a print screen or something) so i can't help u there...
    Yaniv Feldman
    Microsoft Security Regional Director
    Microsoft Management Expert