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Explorer.exe hung up..

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  • Explorer.exe hung up..

    Here is the error that i get from Event Viewer

    Event Type: Error
    Event Source: Application Hang
    Event Category: (101)
    Event ID: 1002

    Hanging application explorer.exe, version 6.0.2900.3156, hang module hungapp, version, hang address 0x00000000.

    That happens twice a day for 2 computers in our network, usually after 4-5 hours of work. After the hang up, system becomes unstable, and you cannot access network drives, or your own via My computer.

    Both are brand new machines, Intel E2160, 2GB DDR2-800, SATA WD 250GB HDD, Gigabyte 945GM chipset motherboard. Installed and used applications on both computer: Office 2k3 (Word and Outlook used mainly), Skype, Nero 8, Firefox, Symantec Antivirus latest version. Running on Windows XP2 with SP2 and all the latest patches

    Both are domain computers, domain controller is also new Dell PowerEdge 840 server, 1 month old, which is also a file server.

    So everything being new, works all the time great, except that explorer.exe hang up, and that's giving me a hard time. I did chkdsk c: /f, scanned for viruses, trojans and other spyware, did memory test with Windows Memory Diagnostic, all went without any errors. What to do?

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    Re: Explorer.exe hung up..

    make sure that Nero isnt trying to do its backup crap on ya...

    the new version of Nero kicked off some backup jobs that i didnt set up, and then pointed to some non-existent directory... probably the source of install, so i had to cut that crap out.

    past that, i dont really have a clue. what are the users doing the moment it goes ka-putt?

    are there any shell add-ons? context menu items? i have had explorer hangs from skinning programs...

    sorry i dont have more. not a lot to go on...
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      Re: Explorer.exe hung up..

      its Nero 8 lite I use at home, no addons or other shit, only burning rom and its 15mb
      no shell addons, nothing. Users are using outlook/skype/browser during the day, when it happens, just once a day.


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        Re: Explorer.exe hung up..

        DO they have the Skype browser plugins? Those have caused me more headaches than I care to enumerate - I finally got rid of both the Fx Skype extension and the IE Skype plugin - never, ever could get them to work in stable environments.

        Also, is the error always after 4-5 hours of use, or at certain times of the day? Assuming that all new hardware drivers have been checked?


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          Re: Explorer.exe hung up..

          Not a certain time, more like after few hours of work. I also heard today from some other colleague that skype plugin can cause that problem, so i removed them from both machines in the morning, but one crashed after like 5:30 hours of work, same problem, other went fine whole day.

          Drivers are last available from the manufacturer (Gigabyte, cause it has integrated gfx/lan/sound)


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            Re: Explorer.exe hung up..

            Check the systems tomorrow and see - perform a reboot or two on both - if one still farks and the other sails smoothly, you're halfway home.

            Check and see if any other IE plugins might be garbled / need reinstalling, although I still don't understand how this should be affecting 'explorer.exe' since, technically, those plugins should never get loaded for a regular explorer.exe session....


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              Re: Explorer.exe hung up..

              After the cleanup of startup processes in msconfig, disabling the skype plugin, spyware/virus search, chkdsk, RAM check with WMD, problems dissapeared, dunno what exactly helped, but thank you all a lot on these useful information you gave me. thanks once again