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Windows XP with MUI

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  • Windows XP with MUI


    We have some problems with MUI installad on XP Pro SP1.
    Some users are logging in with a domain account on a client configured with the English language. The profile is stored on a network share.
    When the same user will logon to another client configured with another language the profile is copied from the network share to the client. Now the language specific things are not translated. For example the Favorites in the startmenu are in Dutch Favorieten. The shortcuts on the desktop are in English Desktop but in Dutch Bureaublad. These names are not translated and therefore not available for the user on a client with different language configured with MUI.

    Has anyone an idea?

    thx Lambik

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    Re: Windows XP with MUI

    Is the MUI installed on the 2nd machine??

    You will need that installed on each machine the user will logon to.


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      Re: Windows XP with MUI

      the MUI is installed on both machine´s but configured different.
      one machine dutch the other machine english.



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        Re: Windows XP with MUI

        The user's two profiles of the same user (on the two different machines) should be configured in such manner, that will be displayed in the same language.
        Is the user roaming? Meaning, does he login every time from a different computer, or only moving between these two?
        If you're talking about these two specific computers, then a one-time configuration of the profile should be enough.
        If the user is roaming, you might want to consider roaming profiles too (I never used roaming profiles with MUI, so cannot tell you if it will be OK).

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