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More than 2 simultaneous downloads in IE 6

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  • More than 2 simultaneous downloads in IE 6

    Hi there.

    I had a question about making IE download more than 2 files at a time. A friend directed me to your site:

    However I am not at all familiar with editing the registry, so I thought I'd ask a couple of questions first.

    Step 3 of the solution states:

    "On the Edit menu (of the Registry Editor), click Add Value..."

    However in the Edit menu there is no "Add Value" option. There are options for creating 5 types of new values (String, Binary, DWORD, Multi-string and Expandable String). I am not sure which one I should choose for this case.

    At the end of the solution it offers a .reg file and tells me to double-click to merge it to the registry. Is this an alternative to the process given above, or do I have to complete the process and then also use the .reg file as well?

    Thanks for your help and have a great new year!

    P.S. I have Windows XP, SP2

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    Download the zip file, extract the reg "file" and double click on it. This will enter it into the registry. You can check by navigating to the location as per . Use extreme caution in the registry as deleting the wrong entry can have fatal consequences for your operating system.
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      Re: More than 2 simultaneous downloads in IE 6

      well youll get this option if youll click on the right pane .and use any third party downloading software as download acclerator .that will take care of this you can also resume and pause downloads as well there.


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        Re: More than 2 simultaneous downloads in IE 6

        and before modifying registry take the back up first by clicking on file and then export and then save it where ever you want it to be saved.


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          Re: More than 2 simultaneous downloads in IE 6

          is it really necessary to post on a thread over 2 years old????
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