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Restricting Bandwidth Usage

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  • Restricting Bandwidth Usage

    I am not sure if this is the right section for this, but I will give it a shot.

    Here is my problem. I work in a univeristy that has a policy of limiting bandwidth usage to an average of 2 gb a day for non mission critical machines such as web/file servers . The policy says:

    "Computing Services states that no individual service or system running on the wired network should use more than 2 gigabytes (2GBs) of bandwidth per day, regardless of whether it is inbound or outbound over the commodity network link."

    I am responsible for the student computer clusters in one of the campus buildings. I have had a few machines flagged for exceeding this limit. The problem is, one you get warned 3 times, the campus network security folks revoke access to the network for 45 days. I have 2 cluster machines banned from the net because of this. Students come in, download Bit Torrent or some other p2p program and share files all day and then leave. There is no one assigned to sit an monitor the clusters around the clock, so it's tough to figure out who is the culprit. Unless I walk in while someone is installing it...i don't have a way to tell when they start.

    Is there any way to impose a limit on how much these XP boxes can download on a daily basis? Are there any 3rd party apps, or an AD solution to this? Any help or suggestions would be appreciated.

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    You need Traffic Shaping...

    Enterprise class routers support traffic shaping, many proxies like ISA do as well.

    If you want a client based solution check these out. Some are expensive some aren't. (FREE)

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