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about licencing

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  • about licencing

    hello i want to know if there is a way to know if the lincence i have has been activatied ...
    i have in my company some licneces (OEM) that i don't know who they are belong ...
    i downloaded a tool so i cana compare between the licence i have installed on my pc and the sticker i have ...
    and it comes up to that i have 9 sticker that are not match my computers in the company ....

    how can i check those stickers if they can be activated or not ... ?? is that even possible ..

    thanks for your help


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    Re: about licencing

    I think you should call Microsoft for that........

    Kapil Sharma
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      Re: about licencing

      i called microsoft ... and the answer they gave me is ......." it's you problem !!!!""""

      i don't get it ... what do i need to do ???

      thanks a lot



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        Re: about licencing

        If you have OE licenses that haven't been activated, then they will very soon (withing 30 days of installation) stop working. If it is more than 30 days since the O/S was installed and they are still working then they have been activated.

        Are the computers desktops or laptops or a combination?
        Were they all purchased new or second-hand?
        Were they purchased with a license or were the licenses purchased separately?
        Are all the licenses OEM or are there some other license types? eg. VLK, TechNet, Action Pack
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          Re: about licencing - Finish !

          thanks for your replay .
          every thing is ok now ... all my computers are legal and have stikers on .
          i talk to microsoft and the gave me a diagnostic tool and a change prodact key tool , and i cheacked all my stikers and everything is ok now.