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  • web site blocking for workgroup

    Hi ,

    My one of the client is having 30 systems in their office but they are not using any server system , all systems are having win 98 , 2k and xp installed . They are using winxp internet connection sharing facility to surf internet in al sytems . Now they want to block some of the web sites individually , as per their requirement and in some machine client can able to surf the sites but not able to download any kind of softwares . so is it pssible using IPSEC policy in windows . or i must have to install any third party softwares only ...

    Please help ....


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    Re: web site blocking for workgroup

    Personally I would get them to hire a consultant to examine ALL of their IT. Website blocking is NOT going to be simple in their current setup; and Windows XP Internet Connection Sharing is absolutely not the ideal method of distributing an internet connection at work. If that one PC goes down... no internet.

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      Re: web site blocking for workgroup

      First, I agree with stonelaughter.
      What i might add is to check out IPCOP.
      Its an free linux based firewall/router which has some fine add-ons.
      So is there a advanced Proxyserver add on available.

      Your question:
      "so is it pssible using IPSEC policy in windows . or i must have to install any third party softwares only ..."
      No it is not possible with Ipsec policies. Ipsec policies are used to managed Ipsec and incryption levels.
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        Re: web site blocking for workgroup

        Linux would be a cheap an easy alternative, but they can be tricky to administer sometimes, especially if you are not familiar with it

        If your workplace decides in doing something serious about their IT infastructure, then I would recommend windows 2003 / 2007 server with ISA installed

        We have ISA 2004 installed at our site here and it is incredibly granular in terms of what people can and can't access. It integrates with active directory so you can grant or deny access based on the user group or OU.

        Web blocking is a pinch, just add a list of sites that users arent allowed to access, even content types or protocols. For example, we block flash games using a content filter.

        ISA has pretty comprehensive reporting options too so you can see who has done what where and when.