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New RDP Client

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  • New RDP Client

    I foolishly downloaded and installed the new RDP client and now everytime I kick off a connection it requests a password and ID up front.

    For whatever reason I just can't get used to this way of connecting and I know that to get rid of it I just need to enter an ID and password but these get cached and if I get it wrong it remains always wrong. Considering I have upwards of 150 remote connections I make at different times this newer version is proving to be a pain.

    So, how can I revert back to the older 5.2 version (I have it here but the re-install doesn't remove this new functionality) or how can I force the new version to connect first rather than aksing for and caching my credentials?

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    Re: New RDP Client

    Did you try removing it from the Updates in Control Panel? I know it comes as an update (925876, i believe) but I am not sure if the uninstall procedure is the same if you chose to install it manually.


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      Re: New RDP Client

      I had checked the add/remove but not as an update - jsut checked and not there


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        Re: New RDP Client

        Yeah , i thought about that, since you installed it manually and not as an update. How about keeping this new version and instead just modify the way it behaves? Here is what I found following this thread.

        Add this two lines to your .rdp file (usually saved under my documents)

        prompt for credentials:i:0


        To modify the file you can just change the extension to .txt and add the two lines and when you are done with the changes change the extension back to .rdp

        Note:you might already have the prompt for credential entry so if that is the case just add the enablecredsspsupport:i:0 entry.


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          Re: New RDP Client

          Excellent that's just the beast I wanted.

          And "double authentication" was the phrase I was seacrhing for ... had I come up with that I'd possibly have found the result myself

          Thank you again.