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  • Website lock

    I have win2k machine and I want certain user to be blocked from accessing few website from this computer, not a porn block just few sites, ex: Do I need to buy a third party app or can I tweak win2k pro? If it is a third party recommendation then what software, I already have Norton 2007.

    Thanks in advance for your help and suggestions!

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    Re: Website lock

    You could edit the hosts file but that would stop everyone getting to it.

    I'm not familiar with Norton but is there not some filtering software in that??

    There is no built in filtering in Windows 2000 other than the hosts file that i'm aware of.

    Have a look through this site and you'll get some free software that nay haelp


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      Re: Website lock

      You can use the IE's site blocking facility in privacy settings.

      My suggestion is, we can block these sites just using an option in IE.
      Can you tell me which version of IE you are using!