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    Hello 2 ol!!!
    I have a problem about Adding Command Prompt. Instead of adding it to the Default Explorer right click context menu. i added the Command Prompt to the File Folder context menu.when i open a File Folder the command prompt will appear instead the content of the folder .i tried removing it but there is no remove option....

    I read this procedure in the OS Tweaking Section
    "ADD COmmand Prompt Here Shortcut To WIndows Explorer"
    i Followed the steps but accidentally.instead of editing the "(NONE) FOLDER" File TYPE Section in FOlder Options in windows explorer. I edited the "(NONE) File FOlder" in the File Type Tab in FOlder Options in Windows Explorer Tools....

    i edited this...pls help me out....Tnx
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    Re: Command Prompt

    I think you mean that you downloaded a registry file that allows you to add Command Prompt here, but you got the wrong file and installed the one for CMD here on a per file basis as opposed to a directory basis?


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      Re: Command Prompt

      It would be nice if you can tell us what exactly you did ...

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        Re: Command Prompt

        i am assuming this is the procedure that you followed:

        * Open up windows explorer
        * Tools -> Folder Options.
        * File Types Tab
        * Select the Folder file type
        * Click Advanced
        * Click New
        * For the Action type what ever you want the context menu to display, I used Command Prompt.
        * For the Application used to perform the action use c:\windows\system32\cmd.exe (note on win2k you will want to specify the winnt directory instead of the windows directory)
        just select the one you inadvertently modified and select 'advanced' then delete the entry you created. now, go back and select the proper file type and continue as detailed above.

        when your finished, you should see an option for "Command Prompt Here" (assuming that you named the entry "Command Prompt Here")

        that should be it... no biggie.
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