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Copy file limitation !!!

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  • Copy file limitation !!!

    Hello again everyone ,

    For about 1 mounth i have an "odd" problem .
    Here it goes:

    We have : Windows 2003 server + AD + x computers

    Here we have a computer where we put all the application , softwares , utilities , images(acronis) and more information.This computer was in our domai
    So the problem is that if i try to copy some of the aplications from the lets name it IT-SRV computer it only allows me to copy with 2MB/s instead of 8-10 MB/s , and its kinda bothering since i want to copy for example an image of 3GB it takes about 30 minutes so i guess you guys understand me .

    What did i do : First all the information in the IT-SRV computer i moved to other HDD (NTFS) and same shit .I reinstalled windows XP on it , same problem .
    I tried with 3 different computer and just putting the HDD in then ...same problem , coping all the information to another HDD again...same....

    I kinda epuisate all the ideeas i have.

    One more question here , i use NetLimiter Monitor 2 and i notice that when i acces the IT-srv computer from mine with \\it-srv\x$ and start to copy the images(for ex) in the Netlimiter 2 Monitor it shows that its copying 192.168.x.x:445 and sometimes 192.168.x.x:139 ..Could this be a problem , i mean the port ?
    Thank guys , i hope everyone undestands me even if my english is not so good.
    Thank you again.

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    Re: Copy file limitation !!!

    Eh done.