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no repair option during setup. only list of partitions

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  • no repair option during setup. only list of partitions

    I have tried to figure this out. but im old and just don't know my way around the computers all that well.

    my computer is completly non functional. it boots up, shows the windows loading icon. then goes to a blue screen. after which it logs out, then saves settings logs back in and continues that process. I have found info on this, but i can't get past the 'repair

    I entered the windows cd. and am at the screen that says: Windows XP Home Edition Setup. now from what i have found there is suppose to be a 'repair' ability here... instead i have:

    The following list shows the existing partitions and unpartitioned space on this computer. when i select the the C drive it tells me that i am choosing to install windows on a partition that contains another operating system.

    ~do i just go ahead and install it over that? help with anything would be great.
    ~ and i tried the repair option at the first screen you come to when you insert the windows cd. but when i select my c drive my administrator password is incorrect. and i am 100% certain its the right password. and yes i tried leaving it blank as well.


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    Re: no repair option during setup. only list of partitions

    Hmmm..... well the first "repair" option Pa is not actually repair, its the recovery console. But you say that your admin password does not work. Seems like XP registry got corrupted.
    I have never used XP home (i use XP Pro) and what you describe is usually seen in customized XP cds used for unattended installs... the ones where you put in your cd, boot from the cd-rom and let the setup run. It does everything on its own. But such cds are used only by large orgns or corporates (saves millions of man hours) !!!!!
    Now to your problem...
    1. at the partition list select your install partition (the one where you had installed XP earlier)
    2. It tells you that win is already installed... never mind, go ahead.
    3. It will ask to format or leave the current file system intact... choose intact.
    4. It will ask to give a new name for install folder .... lets's say WINXPHOME instead of WINDOWS.
    5. go ahead and install xp home in c:\winxphome
    Once the install completes copy all your files and other info from \windows to \winxphome
    Voila its done. Don't worry I have done it myself Pa and it works. Yes two XP on the same partition.

    Oh yes when you boot it will give a OS option : select the first one (it is usually the new xp install.

    If you have nothing to lose in the old XP install then format c: complete (not quick) and reinstall XP as always...


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      Re: no repair option during setup. only list of partitions

      if you have 'XP home' installed on a computer, then you update the home with SP2, then you generally cannot use the 'home' disk to repair the installation... at least that has been my experience with repair installs.
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