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WinXP: Security protocol file is full

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  • WinXP: Security protocol file is full

    On more PC stations with Win XP installed I have problem with error message : The Security protocol is full, contact your administrator to solve this problem. All PCīs are in Windows 2003 domain and this message display on the userīs logon screen after pressing Ctr + Alt + Delete.
    Where is the problem?

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    Are there any errors logged in the Event Viewer?
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      to: biggles77

      As I looked in the Event viewer log status, I saw some errors and some warnings.
      In Aplication log I found some errors about incorrect finished applications - I think, that's no reason for that error message.
      In Security log there was no error.
      In System log I found one warning message, which is still repeating in each day. TCP/IP> The limitation of maximal concurrent connections has exceed by protocol TCP.
      Hm, I use some net aplications, which are still using net connections. For example> Netview (network monitor), Proxy Plus (proxy server).
      Where should be the problem ?


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        We'll need more info in order to help. What SP level are they using? On how many PCs does this happen? What's common between these PCs? Any similar apps? Look for errors in the System, App and Security logs. Give us something to work on, otherwise it's just guesswork.

        Daniel Petri
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          It's Windows XP Professional CZ Multilicence with SP2, on PC's are installed common aplications like office 2003 professional, Acrobat reader 6.0 cz, Lotus Notes 6, Microsoft Visual Foxpro 8.0, etc. In Event viewer are the same TCP/IP error messages.
          I think, there is some problem with active directory on Windows 2003 Server,in whose domain we are members.


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            and what are the event id's?
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              event id is 4226


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                Now you're starting to talk.

                "See "Changes to functionality in Microsoft Windows XP Service Pack 2" to find out what new functionality is added to TCP/IP in Windows XP Service Pack 2.

                This event is more than likely to appear if the user is running a P2P application (e.g. Emule, BitTorrent, Kazaa, etc.). Stopping the application will also stop this event from reappearing."


                Also see Q314053:


                Daniel Petri
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                  And what poet want to say ?
                  I donīt understand perfectly this explain.
                  Why is Security protocol full ?
                  Is it possible by using Netview?
                  Netview is network scanner. If it check local IP adresses, which gives no response, this may cause fulling the security protocol ?
                  Hm. Maybe I am fool, but there is no reason for this situation !
                  I tryed to create new security file with new name, but the situation was the same !
                  Why must this actions (like scanning of ports, Ip adresses , etc.) exceed the TCP/IP limitations. With Windows 2000 Professional was no problem.


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                    This is because of the new XP SP2 so called *features*. If you don't like it why not remove SP2? I did it, everyone does it.

                    Daniel Petri
                    Microsoft Most Valuable Professional - Active Directory Directory Services
                    MCSA/E, MCTS, MCITP, MCT


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                      Do you know the new perfect operating system ?
                      Windows ?!
                      Mr. Bill Gates wanted make a trivial program.
                      Originally it has to be a small utility.
                      Finally it was a virus.
                      The only repair command is foramt c: /u
                      And try some other os.


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                          what you need is to disable the windows Xp Sp2 limit for 10 ip connection at once. go to
                          there's a full "how to".
                          you don't need to remove the sp2 unless it realy bugs you :]


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                            Hi guys!
                            I tryed the new tcpip driver, problem with TCP/IP connections in event wiever disappeared, but the message about full security protocol still persist.
                            I have changed the file name, where is the protocol saved and the login mesage disappeared for a two or three days. Today I have that message again.
                            I have noticed on other PC stations with Win Xp this error message too and they have installed only SP1. Therefore I think, this is not an SP2 error!
                            Is it interesting, that event wiever is withuout error messages, in all events.
                            Can anybody help MEEEEEE?


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                              Please, can anybody help ?!

                              I have still problem with error message at userīs log on.
                              After pressing Ctrl+Alt+Delete in log on screen this message displays:
                              "The security log on this system is full. Only administrators can log on to fix the problem"
                              User with no administratorīs rights cannot log on!
                              Event wiever is without errors in all events.
                              This is Windows XP problem only.
                              Service pack has no impact. It makes on SP1 and on SP2 too.
                              I think, this is DC error. It makes only on XP PCs which are domain members.
                              where is the problem ???