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Restricted User disk management

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  • Restricted User disk management

    We have several video editing suites that are run on Windos XP SP2.
    Is there any way in which I can grant permissions for restricted user accounts to manage disks.

    The set up is: A removeable drive bay has been connected to the secondary IDE bus. This is so that when an operator has finished a project, he can copy it off to a backup drive, which is then stored with the rest of the clients assets.

    The problem is that when changing the disks in the bay, the operator has be an Admin to be able to format new drives, dismount drives and remount old drives.

    I have tried setting the following in Local Group Policy:
    Computer Configuration/Windows Settings/Security Settings/Local Policies
    User Rights Assignment -> Perform Volume Maintainance
    - Added Authenticated Users to the list
    Security Options -> Devices:Allowed to format and eject rmoveable media
    - Changed to Adminitraters and Interactive Users

    Neither of these setting have allowed a restricted user use of the Disk Maintainance console.

    I have also tried using a USB to IDE converter, hoping that Windows would see this as a removeable disk and allow management of it. Unfortunatly this has also not worked.

    The operators also need to be able to manually defrag the drives when they are not doing any editing. I know that applications like Diskeeper can do a background defrag but rthis is not an option in this instance as it could interrupt a video editing job.

    I really don't want the operators having Admin rights as they have a habit of trying out the latest encoding/editing software without permission.

    Any help on this matter would be most appreciated.

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    You could try something more command line based. Like a batch file.
     format  x:(drive letter) /q
    I am not sure if that is blocked or not to.
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