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Printers go "Unable to Connect"

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  • Printers go "Unable to Connect"

    Hi guys,
    I need your help.
    I have a Domain here with around 50 wrkst, one DC and few servers.
    On one of them are installed 6 printers.
    All the printers are working fine except on one (boss' laptop).
    After 15 to 20 min he's logged in, the printers' status go "Unable to Connect"... Only on this laptop !!!
    He's connected wirely, XP pro with firewall activated.

    I have check the "Allow machine to shut down NIC to save power" on the boss' machine but it's not checked...

    Any clues ???
    Thank you guys.

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    Re: Printers go "Unable to Connect"


    You can use a logon script to connect to the printer every time.

    Kapil Sharma
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      Re: Printers go "Unable to Connect"

      Well, this is what I do.

      I've got a VB script installing printers and creating network drive at the logon.
      But the printers status go to "Unable to Access" after 15 or 20 min.
      Right after login in, it works fine !!!


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        Re: Printers go "Unable to Connect"

        Did you tried to reinstall the printer?


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          Re: Printers go "Unable to Connect"

          Try adding the printer using the Add a Printer wizard instead of creating it with a vbscript and see if it corrects the problems.


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            Re: Printers go "Unable to Connect"

            does disabling the firewall make any difference?

            if so, go recheck the firewall settings and make sure that file and printer sharing is enabled, then check the port range and the scope specified.

            what is the printers IP, and what is the laptops? do you have the laptop reserved? printers?
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              Re: Printers go "Unable to Connect"

              @ joeqwerty : I'll try to install one or two printers with the wizard, and see if I get the same status after a while. Thanks

              @ James Haynes : I can't disable the firewall. First because of the GPO, and Second, the Windows XP is customize. We've got an image of XP installed on all desktops/laptops.
              I can't get any IPs right now, but I will as soon as I can. I know none of them are on a reserved range.
              Do you think it can be an IP issue ??


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                Re: Printers go "Unable to Connect"

                It could be an IP issue. Check to make sure that the server has valid entries in DNS and check the Laptops IP configuration (whether its static or automatic)

                It sounds strange that it is just the one computer having issues where others are not; and a royal pain that its your BOSS's machine that is having the issue (I think thats part of Murphys law isn't it?)

                Check that the spooler service on the Laptop isn't randomly dying and causing this issue.

                Windows firewall by default allows file and printer sharing, but check your AD's settings and remedy them if you have to (we've disabled windows firewall here because its caused too many issues with SQL)

                Being just the one machine that is having the issue, check to see whats different between that and other pcs in the organisation. Is it part of a different OU? Is it part of a different security group? Does the same problem occur if you log onto the laptop with a different account?

                As always, it could be bugs / spyware / whatever. Give it a good scan to be sure.

                Check the power settings. It seems strange that it dies after 20 minutes or so. Leave it on the 'always on' profile and see if that helps

                See how you go