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    I am a novist I built up an old dell optiplex by adding an additional hardrive and somemore ram, been working well I was running 98. I used a windows 2000 pro upgrade disk and got dsl. system has been running okay it ask me once did i want to update my password,I put back in the same as if it were new and confirmed, still things run okay, last nite however we got a new computer and I pulled out the dsl connected to my network port on my dell and low, I cannot login on the machine anylonger,promt says check login or domain ,case sensitive, bla, bla,.. did it quit because it lost the network connection via the modem or because the password may have expired. I left the machine run 24/7. I have some pictures and address book, and favorites I would like to retreave. every thing I google about passwords, are particular to network applications I think, I only used the admin. login on the machine I setup no other users. will it be difficult to get back into my machine? what is a reasonable fee one could expect to pay a technician? I could do it myself if I knew what to do, been reading about it. appearantly the only boot disk I have are for the windows 98 and when I run them they go to the second drive D not the primaryC I think because that is the fat drive the other is ntst (whatever) anyway I say all that to say I cannot boot from the cd drive I will need to boot off the floppy, but it is not a problem with the systems, they are doing what it is suppose to do.. can the login be reset or overridden and it not cost me 50.00? I have all my disk 98 and upgrade.
    I know what is out there heck, I could be a thief for what any one knows, I am not , I just want to clean out my old machine and get my new one loaded, major question, no harm in answering... can a tech do it pretty easy for under50.00 do the little programs I see all over the net for 11.95, to 195.00 really work? and do I really need all that? thank you in advance..

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    ran the floopy I found on your website to reset passwords. felt good too! because everything was working as the document said it would but low..... I still cannot log in... got to go deeper than just enter, enter ,enter, seems like the sam registry is not getting the changes, viewing sam files there are three issues, no. of attempts. no. of failed attemps. and no. of max allowed tries. all are 0. must change these settings..


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      Have you tried putting the computer back to the original configuration and seeing if you can logon then?
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        In that disk, there is also an option to change the password for another account....

        This option gives you the ability to add an account, which will give you access to the system, giving you the ability to at least be able to access and backup the files.

        your other option would be to move the hard drive to another system, and gain access to the file structure this way, but ultimately, you would want to gain back your administration control.

        It actually sounds like the account is locked more than has an un-known password.

        Do you know if someone tried to access your profile with an incorrect password, as it can be set up to lock the account after so many incorrect passwords, which would mean you need another admin account to unlock the first admin account.

        Just thinking aloud here.....



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          update. I broke down and put the machine in the shop. the charge is a min.40.00... tech said he can retreive my images. said he will not use third party software. he says windows has everything needed inside the windows, sounds good anyway will let you know what he is able to do.he maybe able to crack the password issue. no promises though, he said windows 2000 was bad news as far as the password log in issue goes, he likes xp
          Thank you guys for answering my plea!


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            help update

            was able to to get in my computer today....
            used the floppy disk from the website again ...this time I changed the password and entered a new password instead of making blank.... worked logged in with the password I made with the floppy disk and then went and did the control alt delete and change the password to blank there and logged in with my loggin name and left the password blank, will leave it blank too! thank you for your great linyx tool!!! you are a life sa... well maybe not life saver but I am very grateful!! your site is the bomb!!!



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              Thanks for sharing your findings!

              Remember, a blank password is not a good idea, and XP/2003 will in fact stop some system functionalities if you keep it blank.

              Daniel Petri
              Microsoft Most Valuable Professional - Active Directory Directory Services
              MCSA/E, MCTS, MCITP, MCT


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                help update

                believe it or not Daniel, I tried it with blank several times after rebooting and waiting for chdisk to finish, but then I put in 1234 for a password and it booted right up! darnedest thing!!