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Desktop goes grey

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  • Desktop goes grey

    Sometimes, completely at random, my XP desktop goes grey with a ghost folder in the taskbar.

    Workaround: ctrl-alt-delete, close explorer.exe, reopen explorer.exe, desktop back to normal.

    Google search: it's not a unique problem:

    The girl who posted the bug on never got an answer so here's a chance for to blast away the competition!

    How to stop the screen from going grey? Replacing explorer.exe with a fresh copy from an XP CD doesn't help. Any other trick to fix this?
    make xp behave:

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    I have encountered almost the same problem with the exception of the yellow folder on the toolbar? I have not seen that before. Well one thing, it could be that you have too many programs running on background, or too many windows open. Try to clean up the process running on your background and see how it goes =)


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      I've 18 running processes right after I boot. This includes the taskmanager itself. Apart from the usual windows stuff (well, less than usual because I killed off all unnecessary services) there's my firewall, desktop notes app, and Dell button processes.

      The grey screen pops at random no matter how many or how few things I have running.

      So it must be something else.
      make xp behave: