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Reinstall WinXP

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  • Reinstall WinXP

    I had a crash and need to reinstall WinXP Pro over my original WinXP Pro.

    Do I have to reinstall all programs and drivers?

    Is there any way around this?

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    Re: Reinstall WinXP

    Boot off the XP CD and choose the second repair option and it should keep all your apps and drivers. However you will need to reinstall all your Windows Updates & Hotfixes.
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      Re: Reinstall WinXP

      Or treat it as a good time to do a fresh install!

      Note, as always, back up anything important first!
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        Re: Reinstall WinXP

        I've tried Repair Install but it didn't work.

        What do I lose if I do a fresh installover my existing OS?


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          Re: Reinstall WinXP

          You will lost all what you had on this partition.

          You could make copy or backup this files even now.

          Just use any live cd (bootable) to make copy files from parition to another or to cd,dvd.

          Examples of live cd

          If you want keep your installed software and settings make copy of program files.


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            Re: Reinstall WinXP

            You'll also need to find the 'extra' files added to other folders like \Windows, \Windows\System32, \Windows\System (rare nowadays, but useful for older programs, especially 16-bit programs) - otherwise some programs may not work (depending upon what you have installed of course).

            Have you tried installing Windows XP over itself - I cannot remember 100% if it over wrote my registry, but it did replace all the files with fresh install files without having to delete / format the partition.


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              Re: Reinstall WinXP

              Alot of time what worked for me when a repair would not work is this:

              Boot to XP cd> Recovery Console> login >
              from here you will want to rename your old system registry hive and use the repair (original) system hive. To do this from recovery console.

              cd windows/system32/config press enter
              ren system system.old press enter
              copy c:\windows\repair\system c:\windows\system32\config press enter
              exit press enter

              You will have to reinstall drivers, ect. - but your data / applications will still be intact - If that does not give you boot then you could have an issue with another one of your hives - Post back with results (if you choose to go this route)