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...continuesly restarting...

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  • ...continuesly restarting...

    hi guy, i have checked VGA, Integrated VGA, but it still continue to restart. Now i Edjusted All peripherals, And Have only Motherboard, Ram,HD, And Power Supply. Once, my LCD monitor WAs injured. I think the problem was in motherboard.Becouse the part which was brake, is not effected by Power.
    Can it be Motherboard?

    In every restart it shows me a constant error, like: Your system has been recovered from serious problem, and also constant hexadecimal numbers.

    I have searched for these numbers, but couldn't find an appropriate answer.

    Maybe there are conflicts with BioStar.

    I 'm afraid of plug an LCD cable to the case, becouse the risk to injure the monitor is big.

    Please help me...

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    Re: ...continuesly restarting...

    ...also i found that when i sit and just reading a pdfs without using Keyboards or clicking on mouse, it works perfectly. BUt when i start to make some quick movement , it is 70% will restart. Sometimes it works 1-2 hours,and some times 1 minute.

    To check the process of restart after some repairing i push WINDOWS+E(Explorer) without takeing off my fingers, and after 5th or 6th window it oftenly restars.

    ... Sory for my English, i am the begginer


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      Re: ...continuesly restarting...

      Could you please tell us what is continually restarting -- I presume it is a computer, but beyond that we do not have much information!

      Please tell us:
      a) Operating System and SP installed?
      b) Where the crash occurs -- during boot, before logon, while working etc?
      c) Make of MoBo / Graphics Card?
      d) Other system specs e.g. amount of RAM, installed drives etc.?
      e) Wattage of Power Supply?
      f) have you reinstalled Windows after replacing your MoBo?
      Tom Jones
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