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  • edit my places bar

    I've gone to, which provides information on editing the my places bar from within a MS app (e.g. Word). That process is easy to do, but there are other dialogue boxes that open up when, for example, I try to save a file from within Adobe Reader. There is no "Tools >> Add to My Places" option available from these boxes. However, I know that the my places bar can be modified, since I did it in the past. I don't have admin rights to this machine, so that precludes some of the suggestions I've seen on other newsgroups.

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    Re: edit my places bar

    TweakUI allows for global Places Bar editing, but I am not sure if you need admin rights for it or not, as I never ran XP with a LUA.

    However, AFAICT, this will require registry editing, which, as a limited user, I am pretty sure you cannot do. You just may be out of luck....