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local network with inet ips

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  • local network with inet ips

    I'm using a cable modem,
    the cable modem is autoconfigured from the isp side, and there for auto connects to the internet and actually acts as a router.
    my computer is connected to it with a usb connection and a wireless ap
    is connected to its lan exit which a laptop uses to connect.
    the isp gives 3 actual inet address , so both computers are pretty much connected seperately.
    because both machines get ip from the isp dhcp, how can i also create a local connection between them.

    i've tried using the dhcp registry hack but it does too much problems, is there any other way of creating a local network between us?
    -- ToR911 --

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    No can do through ISP
    Only through WINDOWS ICS using one ip, or through a router.