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remote printing solution

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  • remote printing solution

    Hi ,

    We are having 2 branch office located at two different city bothe the branches are connected via internet , now i need to print a document from one computer to the printer which is physically located at another office , Will it be possible with using any third party application . On both the side windows xp is installed .

    Please help...........


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    Re: remote printing solution

    Can you see the remote location from your local network? Can you easily share files between the two?

    If so, you should be able to see and share the desired printer as well.

    If you can see the remote location from your local network, then adding the shared printer should be no problem at all.

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      Re: remote printing solution

      It will be nice to know a bit more about your set-up, kathy.
      For instance, are the two branches related somehow? Part of the same domain? Forest? Site?
      Are you connecting somehow from a computer in one of the branches to another computer in the other branch?

      Please give us some more info...

      Sorin Solomon

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        Re: remote printing solution

        Hi ,

        We are not having any domain structure implemented on both the side , i am using third party application , teamviewer services . This software is giving only facility to view the remote computer , i can't give copy the data or print to the remote my question is there any other third party application or some default feature is available in windows which can help me in this case ...

        VPN is the solution but here i am not having the live static IP on both the side ....and also there is no specific windows 2000 server , all are desktop OS windows XP...and all are in workgroup , no domain structure is implemented ...

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          Re: remote printing solution

          You could setup a VPN using just routers, (with no need for Windows Server). We use Vigor Draytek 2800 series routers to connect two offices by VPN and only one of them needs a static IP address.

          Once the offices are joined together using this VPN, (very reliable, reasonably cheap), you can see and share each other's resources by their local IP address.

          If you want more help setting up a VPN to connect two offices using 2 of these routers, let me know and I will help further.
          Best wishes,
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            Re: remote printing solution

            I have a similar situation on 3 interconnected offices. I am using 3 Linksys VPN routers that are about U$S 100 each.
            I only have fixed IP on the main office.

            I am using network printers (HP LaserJet 1320n), that are directly installed on the server on the main office. The rest is completely transparent...