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Hebrew for ThinkPad Z61t XP Pro

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  • Hebrew for ThinkPad Z61t XP Pro

    I received a brand new thinkpad Z61t with XP pro installed with no hebrew support. Hebrew does not exist in the regional and language when I try to add it.
    How can I install it without re installing the XP system?

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    Re: Hebrew for ThinkPad Z61t XP Pro

    YO, Yehudale...
    Hebrew support is an OS feature, without any connection to the computer it is installed on.
    It is very simple to add it and configure your OS to use it. Here are the steps:
    1) Installation: go to Control Panel -> Regional and Language Options. Go to the Languages tab. In the middle part of the window, under Supplemental Language Support, check the checkbox next to Install files for complex script and right-to-left languages... The OS will ask you for confirmation and then will ask for the XP CD. The installation is simple and fast.
    2) Configuration: in the same window (Regional and Language Options) go to the Regional Options tab. Under Standards and formats, below Select an item to match its preferences, choose Hebrew. Under Location, choose Israel. Go to Advanced tab. Under Language for non-Unicode programs, choose Hebrew. On the same tab, under Default user account settings, check the checkbox next to Apply all settings to ... .

    - this will give you Hebrew support on the English GUI. It will not change the GUI to Hebrew. If you need Hebrew GUI, you will need to install the Hebrew MUI (Multilanguage User Interface) and do few more settings;
    - I don't remember if you will need to restart your computer after the Installation. If the OS will ask you to do so, comply;
    - does your keyboard contains the Hebrew alphabet also? If not, there is a company somewhere near Shefayim that engraves Hebrew on keyboards for some 150 NIS. If you'll need the exact details, I'll find them for you.

    Hope all this helps. Good luck, dude.

    Sorin Solomon

    In order to succeed, your desire for success should be greater than your fear of failure.