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  • Differnce between

    Dear All,
    what exatcly difference between Win Xp Prof. and Win2k Prof.

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    Re: Differnce between

    Originally posted by kumbharamol View Post
    Dear All,
    what exatcly difference between Win Xp Prof. and Win2k Prof.

    Hi kumbharamol,
    Can you please read the forum rules and use a meaningful title for your post. "Difference between" is not meaningful.

    To answer your question, the main visible difference is the user interface, which has changed a lot between Windows 2000 and XP, in particular the start menu.

    Apart from that, there are fewer internal differences (XP is Windows 5.1 while 2000 is Windows 5.0). There is support for more hardware and more gaming / multimedia support in XP (remember Win2K was a "business" OS with 98/ME as the equivalent "home OS").
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      Re: Differnce between

      The main difference for me would be permissions on objects; whether they be files, folders, registry keys, etc etc etc. The permissions in XP Pro are far, far more "granular". You can change far more in the GUI and by smaller amounts than you can with Windows 2000. Also of course there is the security; Windows XP (Pro AND Home) is more secure by far than Windows 2000, and it incorporates a built-in firewall.

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        Re: Differnce between

        Win2K Pro is coming up to 8 years old. XP Pro is just about old enough to start school.

        XP has a different GUI to Win2K (unless you change it to Classic)
        XP has better wireless support.
        XP has 2 SPs, Win2K has 4.
        Try running XP on a P133 with 64MB RAM.

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