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Problem accessing network share in XP

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  • Problem accessing network share in XP

    Have 3 comuters running XP SP2. 2 have professional, one is home adition. One of the PCs can not access shares on one of the other. I can map a drive, and see directories, but if there are files, the connection will drop after a while, and I can not access anything at all. Have checeked security (share + ntfs), firewall and IP-settings. Looks OK. The PC can access shares on other PCs and other PCs can access the share which is not accessible from the troblemaker. I use the the same account from all computers. Computers are in a work group. No erreors in event logs. Anyone that can advice me?



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    Re: Problem accessing network share in XP

    try going to your local area connection properties clear the check marks from client for microsoft networks and from file and printer sharing for microsoft networks restart and then enable the 2 again... doing this has fixed a few problem clients for me before...


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      Re: Problem accessing network share in XP

      are you using DHCP? if you are using DHCP, check your lease duration.