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Change a VLK to OEM key - Options?

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  • Change a VLK to OEM key - Options?


    I've been repairing alot of windows vlk to oem.

    The easyest way I found was to boot from the oem cd, do a new install, at one point it looks for previous version and finds all the windows installation available for repair and then you just choose to repair the installation of your choice.

    But this is time consuming, anyone have a faster way? like replacing some files or registry key to let it accept the new oem key so an activation is possible. I've been looking aroud the site for about an hour and did not find anything.


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    Re: Change a VLK to OEM key - Options?

    Please do NOT hi-jack another member's thread no matter how similar it is to your question.

    For this reason I have moved your post into it's own thread and changed the title. If you have a different/better title please let me know and I will change it.
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      Re: Change a VLK to OEM key - Options?

      perhaps will help (from our very favourite website) if I understand your question correctly
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