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SSH Server on XP Pro

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  • SSH Server on XP Pro


    Recently i have just installed Cygwin for SSH Server installation on a PC that runs on Windows XP Pro. It's my first time i have tried using SSH.

    My first question is whether i would be able to access from my laptop to the SSH Server given that fact that the Server is on a different subnet. (my laptop also runs on XP Pro)

    The second one is i have been having difficulty in adding a new user to the server. even if i succeeded, unsure if i should use local or domain.

    Thank you in advance

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    Re: SSH Server on XP Pro

    well, about the first part...

    i use ESX and the connections to those blades are exclusively SSH, and they reside on a different subnet than the one my workstation is on.

    i use SSH Secure Shell for Workstations 3.2 and puTTY without any problems at all, regardless of subnet...

    i dont know about your second concern. im not really clear on what your asking... domain or local for what??
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