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Minimizing Legacy program CPU usage on Windows 2k wrkstion

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  • Minimizing Legacy program CPU usage on Windows 2k wrkstion

    Good day,

    Is there any useful tool or Windows configuration change that would allow me to reduce the amount of CPU time Foxpro for DOS goobles up when running on a Windows 2k workstation? A FoxPro DOS application exe is being ran from a mapped Novell Netware volume location by multiple end users. What was noticed is when the app was ran the CPU usage gage would go to 100% and remain between 100-95% until the session is closed. I read an article about decreasing the CPU cycles for DOS programs by changing the Sensitivity slider to "High" under the programs Property. That was done however no change was made to the CPU usage. Any suggestions on how to reduce DOS program CPU usage would be greatly appreciated, thanks.[/b]

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    Check out TAME. It will allow you to control DOS apps in a multi-user environment.

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      Hey, thanks a million. I will download a copy for both Win2k and Win9xx workstations a try it out. Will let you know how it works out.