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I am locked out of computer.. Changed windows Network ID....

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  • I am locked out of computer.. Changed windows Network ID....

    I am running Windows 2000 pro (built on NT technology)

    This is a work computer.
    I got tired of logging in all the time with a password. So I followed some internet advice and changed the settings by using the Network Id Wizard. I changed it to "This computer is for home use and not part of a business network" type of setup. It did have me put in a password. Now when I turn it on it has a different log in screen that shows "Administrator" as a user and will not accept the password I chose. I am um.... screwed to say the least......

    Before this change I logged in with a user name, Password, and it had Domains to choose from. Now there is no Domains to choose from just a Field to type in a User and Password.

    These are the online instructions I followed to get around the password:

    Windows 2000 - solution 2:

    Double-click the System icon in Control Panel, and choose the Network Identification tab.
    Click Network ID and follow the instructions on screen.

    Someone else told me I need to go to work and let them login using the local admin account and rejoin it to the domain.

    I cant do that, I am pretty sure I'll get canned.

    Can anybody out there offer some help PLEASE!!!!

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    Re: I am locked out of computer.. Changed windows Network ID....

    I'm afraid your friend is right. You have changed a setting which basically changes the entire focus of the machine (consisting of thousands and thousands of internal configuration settings, security options and encryption certificates) from the way your work set it up, to just a machine which stands alone and has no access to any of work's stuff.

    It is an extremely simple process to "undo" the changes you have made; but first you need the local administrator password to the machine, and second you need the password of an administrator on the works network, and access to some network administration tools to configure the network to accept your machine.

    You MUST take it back to the IT guys at work and ask them, cap in hand (and a crate of beer under the other arm) to sort this out for you. You'll be even more goosed if you try to fix this than if you own up. I'm pretty sure you won't get fired for this; people do it often enough and it's not hard to fix. But I guess you learned a lesson, huh? If work give it to you, it's THEIRS, not yours; and a password isn't just there to block the smooth flow of your day - it's there to protect your organisational network from attacks by hackers.

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      Re: I am locked out of computer.. Changed windows Network ID....

      You got tired of logging on w/ a password? oy... <insert long lecture about network and business security here>

      Stone hit it on the head, be nice, bow your head, take the slap on the hand, and they'll have it fixed in no time. It really is quite easy for a network admin to fix, as they have the appropriate permissions to fix it.

      I can't see anyone getting fired over it, but they may give you a dirty look No worries, it'll be fine.
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