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Network Neighborhood Not Visible in XP Pro

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  • Network Neighborhood Not Visible in XP Pro


    I am an admin with a puzzling problem. I have a user who is not able to browse the network neighborhood in XP Pro. We are on an active directory domain with 2 Windows 2003 domain controllers and a few member servers (one member server is server 2000).

    When she goes to her 'my network places' and opens the window it is completely blank. If she chooses 'add network place', however, she is then able to see the Domain and Workgroup in the little pop-up window and if she goes into (for example) the Domain drop down she is able to see all of the computers on the network.

    Going to the command prompt on her machine and typing 'net view' displays all the computers on the network. The 'browstat' command displays that the 2003 servers are acting as the master browsers.

    I have turned off the windows firewall on the machine experiencing this problem. It is the only machine on the whole network that is having this problem.

    Any insights would be greatly appreciated.

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    Re: Network Neighborhood Not Visible in XP Pro

    Is the "NetBIOS over TCP/IP" setting enabled in the network adapter's TCP/IP advanced settings? How does this setting compare with other machines which ARE working?

    Check the DNS settings in the advanced screen too - are they the same as other machines?

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      Re: Network Neighborhood Not Visible in XP Pro

      Check that File and Printer Sharing is enabled on the properties of the NIC and make sure that the Workstation and Server services are running. These are just two of the simlest things to check. If it's not one of these then you'll have to dig deeper.