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  • Login Domain Issues, Please Help!

    In the process of setting up my Dell Latitude C600 (running Windows 2000 Professional) for file sharing on my LAN I created a new workgroup, which deactivated my old domain. After creating the new workgroup, I was prompted to restart. I did so, only to find that I am now unable to login to my system. My formerly valid user name and password are no longer accepted by the login prompt. I believe my username and password were members of the old, no longer active domain. Is there any way I can reactivate this domain without logging on to Windows? My laptop was used in an office environment several years ago; I believe that the password/username combo that I have been using had admin privileges, but I am not certain (I have been able to delete and install programs, drivers, and OS updates). I apologize for my ignorance: I am a long time Mac user (now OS X user) and am not very familiar with Windows. This laptop was a gift of sorts from my father, who used it in his former workplace (the company has since gone out of business). If possible, I would like to restore access to my machine without re-formatting my HD and re-installing Windows. Should I go googling for registry editors and build myself a boot disk, or is there an easier, less intrusive solution? Any help you can offer would be greatly appreciated.

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    Assuming that you didn't have a roaming profile on your domain or a policy that redirected a portion of the local profile you should be able to recover nearly everything from the old profile.

    There are 2 methods... 1. Redirect or 2. Copy

    1. I prefer this method. Read this article for instructions...


    2. If you want to copy the old profile it should be located in %systemdrive%\Documents and Settings\%profilename%

    where %profilename% = the old domain username. It will most likely be something like "username.domainname" for the profile directory.

    You should be able to copy the profile using the built in utility in windows and start using it. Of couse because you don't have a local account with the same username you'll be unable to login locally with that username. The problem is easily remedied, read this for the details...

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