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Limited or Not Connectivity with SP2

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  • Limited or Not Connectivity with SP2

    I have installed XP Pro -when I upgrade to SP2 , in my LAN Connection appears Limited or No connectivity,though I can connect to the Internet .
    I tried disable-enable , repair , uninstall-install network card , but the error keeps showing.

    where else can I check ?


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    Re: Limited or Not Connectivity with SP2

    You need to this. There are instructions on how to fix this problem
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      Re: Limited or Not Connectivity with SP2

      The "notice" about limited or no connectivity is a part of SP2 and it's not an error, it's a notification. If you are using a 10/100Mbps NIC connecting to a 1000Mbps switch then this is the notice you will get and is completely normal. Windows is telling you that your NIC is not as fast as the switch port it's connected to. What is the exact speed of the connection (hover your mouse over the connection icon in the notification area (system tray) to see)?
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