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Resetting Local Group Policy

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  • Resetting Local Group Policy

    In our company an employee can submit their personal laptop to be used for work. It has to meet some minimum requirements, e.g. have XP Pro on it. Assuming it meets all requirements, we lock it down per our policies. When they leave the company, we unlock the restrictions.

    We have a new employee who wants to submit their laptop. Couple of issues:

    1. laptop is joined to an unknown domain. We do have the login for the local admin account however (and yes, it does work).
    2. XP sticker on laptop shows XP Home, not XP Pro.

    So we're guessing someone slapped XP Pro on it, and added it to a domain.

    Since we can't format it and clean install XP Pro (no XP Pro key to use), we want to remove it from this unknown domain, set the local group policies and whatnot to defaults, and then apply our settings.

    How can we do this? Is there a way to reset all of the policies to defaults? I'm currently searching Google / Microsoft for a default template to possibly import. Something tells me there is one, just can't remember where I've seen it before.
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    Re: Resetting Local Group Policy

    Hi, wired.
    Apologies in front if you already know this, but ...
    I once had the same problem, form other reasons though ... If I remember right, there is this file called Secsetup.inf that should contain the LGP. I found references to this file in few MS documents regarding the reset of local policies:
    I have this file on my computer in C:\WINDOWS\repair, dated the day I last installed XP.
    Take a look, and tell me if it helped. Good luck, dude...

    Sorin Solomon

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      Re: Resetting Local Group Policy

      After a little digging i found the link i was looking for

      This command should reset your

      secedit /configure /db reset /cfg "c:\windows\security\templates\setup security.inf" /overwrite

      This came from here