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Dealing with bad sectores

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  • Dealing with bad sectores

    My disc developed a great deal of bad sectores.
    I tried eliminating them with chkdsk and with norton utilities but with no results.
    Is there a more powerfull tool? or is my disc doomed? (os win 9

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    Backup data IMMEDIATELY and replace HDD. Is the drive still under warranty?
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      The data is safe.
      The hdd passed its warranty.
      I would like to try other recommended tool in just in order to experiment


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        That the drive is stuffed, totally!! Sorry.
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          Try using HDD Generator... It works... repair your hard drive with messing with you files.


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            biggles77 is right, I'd replace the drive. Once a drive starts losing sectors its likely that its one foot in the grave.

            If you are bent on trying to fix it, try checking the manufacturer's website for a utility. They tend to work better than Norton System Works etc.

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              Andrew and Biggles are totally correct.

              I have had more than a few drives start to get bad Sectors.

              I have been through the phase opf expreimentation on dodgey drives, and truly it's not worth it.

              I have a box of hard drives at home (totaling about 2.1 Terrabytes of drive space) that I wouldn't recommend putting anything vital onto any of them.

              The drive tools I recommend are Norton, and anything that the drive manufacturer can supply.

              The drives I have range from Seagate, Maxtor, Western Digital, IBM, etc.

              Once a drive starts to form bad sectors, it's time to take the basic step of a COMPLETE BACKUP, dont backup singular files, do a COMPLETE backup.

              Once your backup is finished, then replace the drive (assuming it's a boot drive) with a new, warranted drive, and then you can play as much as you like with the previous drive.

              Having said that, I have been "playing" for about 10 years on drives developing bad sectors, and I have a drive at home that developed 3 bad sectors, it then crashed, and wiped ALL of my critical data, I have since used manufacturer specific software to fix these sectors, but others have become dead, and the fight is never ending.



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                this may or may not work for your case and it is a last case scenario.
                I nifty little thing i found out is that if a drive dies pop it into a freezer zip lock baggy, take most of the air out and let it freeze for a few hours. I am not 100% sure why this works, but i do have a good idea.
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