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Windows 98 cannot browse Windows 2003

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  • Windows 98 cannot browse Windows 2003

    I have a very strange problem with Windows 98 clients on my network. I can't browse \\<2003Servername> on another subnet, but when I explore network neighbourhood, the Server is visible on the list, just that it comes up with '\\servername is not accessible. The computer or sharename could not be found. Make sure you typed it correctly and try again.' On one of the Windows 98 machines I had the same error message but could ping the server by name at the same time, on others I could not ping the server by name but by IP address.

    We have windows 2000 and 2003 servers and windows XP Professional and Windows 98 clients. On the London subnet we have a windows 2000 DC and a windows 2003 file server, the Wintendo clients do not have a problem browsing this one either via UNC or Network Neighbourhood.
    I discovered this problem because a user wanted some shares mapped from the Win2k3 servers on the other subnets. I know some people will be thinking that it must be a share permission problem, if it is why can't I browse to the server? Surely you need to be able to browse to the server first before share permissions will kick in. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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    This isn't strange. MS has changed some policies. Run gpedit.msc and goto \Comp.config\Windows\security parameters\local policy\security parameters.
    Change the following:
    MS Network server-> use digital signing (always) = no
    Client of MS network -> use digital signing (always) = no
    LAN Manager verification level -> LM & NTLM

    The reason is that authentication on server 2003 uses NTLM by standard as the LM hash has been broken, making passwords vulnarable to hacking. The backdraw is that all platforms using LM only (win9x, mac and OS/2) cannot authenticate themselves on server 2003. Changing the verification level back to LM enables those platforms to acces server 2003 shares.