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  • NetBIOS Session

    I was looking through my logs (McAfee) and it seems that my friend's computer in our home keeps trying to have a NetBIOS session with mine on port 139. McAfee is blocking it.

    What is this and why is it happening?

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    Re: NetBIOS Session

    Such info is very easy to find on the Web. One of the sources is Wikipedia:
    As you can see, the 139 port belongs to NetBIOS.
    Are you using any shared resources on your computer? Folders? Printer? If so, you should instruct McAffee to allow the connection, otherwise your friend won't be able to use them.
    Is File and Printer Sharing service running on your computer?
    Anyway, it isn't something that should bother you....
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      Re: NetBIOS Session

      On my computer, file/printing sharing is all OFF. I was just curious as to why the other computer is trying to connect to mine. Thanks for the response.


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        Re: NetBIOS Session

        It's probably some sort of NETBIOS discovery; I don't know the deepest workings of NETBIOS but I guess the Master Browser talks to all the other devices it can find to determine their capabilities and what resources they are sharing. It will be querying your computer to see what it has and will either get no response or a null response.

        p.s. Because your computer has NETBIOS and file/print sharing disabled, the other PC will announce itself as the master browser and no election will result, leaving it the master browser permanently.

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