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WinXP SP2 text selection double click behaviour changed?!

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  • WinXP SP2 text selection double click behaviour changed?!

    Double clicking on text in various text box areas causes selection of parts of the text. For example lets take:

    Write hello.world1234foobar in notepad (but it's the same in other places with text box input in the OS).

    In WinXP SP1 double clicking on "hello" selects part of the the line up to
    the ".", dbl click "world" select it only. dbl-click "1234" and only it gets

    This also works on URLs in the IE address input, in renaming file names
    in Windows Explorer, and other places too (actually a I think it works
    everywhere there's a text edit contol).

    In general dbl clicking on text selects parts of the text that belongs to a
    group type of characters. alphabetical, numerical, special chars...

    What I noticed is that in WinXP SP2 (And I suspect that in Win2k3 it's
    the same) is that this behavior changed. What you get is selection
    of the whole line. With the exception of "?" and "-" that did behave as
    delimiters for selection. I tested this on several computers at work, and it
    was consistent on all the computers I checked.

    I find this change quite annoying, as I use this method for selection
    almost instinctively, and now it does not work!!! Why did Microsoft
    change that??? Does anyone have a solution to change it back to
    the pre SP2 behavior?