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Weirdest networking problem ever

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  • Weirdest networking problem ever

    I have this weird problem on a windows xp.
    I cannot ping to/from a certain pc on the network.
    I tried different networking cards. didnt help.
    when uninstalling the card in device manager and restarting, the card does seem to get an ip from the router dhcp but i cant ping it.
    connecting the same networking cable to a different computer works, so its not the cable.
    there is no firewall.
    i tried installing xp on top of this one(upgrade). didnt help.
    I tried reinstalling tcp/ip like mentioned in ur guide. didnt help.
    I am really clueless !

    Any suggestions?

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    Have you tried a new NIC???

    I had the same problem after a storm and a PC getting taken out by lightning (via the modem it was connected to).

    The lightning took out the transmit of the NIC, I could get data, but the NIC would never send data, it would somehow gain an IP via DHCP, but could not ping to another ip.

    Check/replace the NIC and see if that helps.



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      I have had issues with cat5/6 cables. In xp sp2 it will bring up a popup saying that windows can transmit but not recieve or recieve and not transmit. pretty useful.
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