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WinXP x64 w/ Samsung SH-183L SATA DVD

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  • WinXP x64 w/ Samsung SH-183L SATA DVD

    Hello all

    I've recently inherited a relative's x64 issue. I cannot, under any circumstances, get this copy of x64 XP to use these two SH-183L DVDRs. They show up in BIOS and the device manager, but report that the [native windows cdrom] driver has been corrupted. The only native x64 cdrom drivers I've been able to find online were from an 64-bit vista RC, which were over-written on boot. I've also plugged the drives into an external USB enclosure and upgraded the firmware to latest/greatest, which did nothing to help. Also, we can rule out the disk controller, as I've used the USB enclosure on the original machine as well, and the drivers don't work via the USB/PCIe bus either.

    Here are the specs:

    Asus P5B
    Jmicron south bridge
    C2D 6600 2.4G
    Samsung SH-183L DVD writer
    Windows XP x64 sp2 (fully patched)

    Does anyone have a clean copy of the extracted factory drivers - or any other suggestions?

    Thanks very much
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    Re: WinXP x64 w/ Samsung SH-183L SATA DVD

    ok, simpler question:

    Can anyone tell me whether or not x64 sp2 included new cdrom drivers? The drivers that windows is trying to use for this drive are sp1 spec > (5.2)3790.1830

    Please, anyone out there with a x64 XP install, it only takes a few seconds to check. I'd greatly appreciate it - I'm a few hours away from giving up and reinstalling windows.