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Corrupted partition under win2000

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  • Corrupted partition under win2000


    I recently had a (previously-used) hard drive, with 3 partitions, attached to a win2000 machine. One of the three partitions (the largest, 180GB NTFS) appears to be corrupted: it cannot be accessed ("the file or directory is corrupted and unreadable").

    When I try to run Disk Management, the applet freezes while trying to start the "Logical Disk Management Administrative Service" ("dmadmin.exe /com"). In the Services console, the status of this service is stuck at "Starting".

    Attempting to format this partition (from the command line) takes an abnormally long time before even detecting the size of the partition (it then displays "Verifying 184912M"). After this, it remains stuck at "0 percent completed."

    What to do? I don't need this partition, or even the other two partitions on the hard drive... is there a quick way of just completely wiping all partitions from the hard drive? Without using the Disk Management console? Or (alternatively) getting it to work despite the corrupted partition....?

    Thanks in advance!

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    Re: Corrupted partition under win2000

    UPDATE - I've managed to get Disk Management to work, and deleted the three partitions in order to allocate a new one.

    BUT - now instead of 189 GB (the original hard drive size), it shows the hard drive as having 128.00 GB only! And I cannot create a partition larger than that...

    Any help?


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      Re: Corrupted partition under win2000

      Hmmm doesn't sound too good.

      The 128GB limit used to be in Windows 2000 systems before SP4. Is yours later than this???

      Is the system mission critical?? May be worthwhile deleting the entire drive and removing all partitions from the system and starting again.

      Else can you get Partition Magic??

      Have you tried the drive manufacturers test discs to see if there is a fault on the drive???