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can't delete profile

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  • can't delete profile

    I had a few profile problems of late which now work but i need to clear a group of users profiles and start again with them.
    Firstly i will get them to log off, then delete the profile from the server, then delete the profile stored on the PC's they use. After that they can log back in and windows will create a new one and problem solved for that user.

    However when i go to delete the profile from the XP machines the delete and copy to buttons are greyed out. When I go into documents and settings to delete they stop on deteting and a message comes up to sat the NTUSER.DAT is being used by another person and so can't be deleted.

    How can I get rid of thiese profiles.

    Is it, group policy (machine) or

    the user logged on elsewhere? or other?

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    You can not delete/copy profile that is currently in use by account you are logged on with.
    Logon with another account and do your delete/copy stuff.
    Guy Teverovsky
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      Just incase anyone gets this

      Doh, i was having a silly head day, it was computer policy applied to the PC's in question, pulled the network cable, restarted and then deleted the offending profiles!