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no network provider accepted the given network path

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  • no network provider accepted the given network path

    I started getting this issue recently with an XP client, and we'll call it PC1.

    When I try to browse to it by typing \\PC1\share I get 'no network provider accepted the given path'. This happens whether I try it from my win 2003 server or my other XP client. The other XP client and my server can browse to each other with no problem. When I type it on PC1 itself, it does bring up windows explorer and I'm able to see the shares.

    Both my server and other XP client have my DNS server as the primary DNS server. I made sure there is an A record in DNS for PC1, and I can ping it successfully by name.

    I've reset the computer account for PC1, removed and rejoined the domain.

    Netbios over TCP/IP is at the default setting, but I also tried enabling it (on PC1) but problem still persists. It has XP SP2, and I made sure the firewall on it was turned off.

    I haven't been able to find many documents on this, so I wonder if anyone here ever ran into this issue.